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Winter Activities in Moskenes and Flakstad in Lofoten 

Experience Fun Water Activities in the Western part of Lofoten

Experience Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP), surfing, snorkeling, kayaking and kiting in the western part of Lofoten. Skagsanden beach in Flakstad, is often hit by nice surfwaves that are enjoyable for both beginners and advanced surfers. Schibevaag Adventure provide courses and equipment rental for a wide variety of water sports. 

The Norwegian Fishing Village Museum

Welcome to Å, at the end of E10: the King Olav´s Road. Here you will find the picturesque Norwegian Fishing Village Museum, and experience everyday life at the Lofoten fisheries over the last 250 years.


Visit the old buildings. Participate in various demonstrations and activities. Experience the home of the Fishermans family, who ruled as Kings of the Cape from mid 19th Century. Visit the old grocery shop, located in a house built in 1843. Locally produced food, textiles, local literature, clothing, fishing equipment – and a basic selection of groceries is offered here. Guiding in several languages, groups are welcome.

The King of the Cape Experience

The men who owned the land on which the fishermen’s shacks stood, were also called Kings of the Cape. These men were known to be some of the most powerful men in the regions they had ownership. At Å in Lofoten the Family Ellingsen built up Å as a Fishing Village, and ruled as Kings of the Cape from mid 19th century. Today small groups can (on request) get an exclusive experience in The Main House where the Ellingsen Family lived. Guests can  basically walk in the footsteps of the former Kings of the Cape. The authentic surroundings and storytelling invites guests to feel like they go back in time, while enjoying an aperitif, private dinner or coffee avec in the actual dining room or living room of The Main House. We can also arrange a tour of the house with guide. 

The Sund Fisheri Museum

The Sund Fisheries Museum was originally established in 1947 by Petra and Hans Gjertsen, as their own private collection. This is a unique and live museum. It all works as an installation depicting the history of boat motors and fishing equipment. Here you will also find The Blacksmith of Sund who invites guests to his working environment with warm humour and wits, whilst creating extraordinary art. Groups are welcome.

The Blacksmith of Sund

In the tiny fishing village of Sund in Lofoten you will find a blacksmith who makes wrought-iron cormorants all year round. Lofotens most original souvernir.The cormorant is a mythical bird in Northern Norwegian folk legend. Hans Gjertsen was the old Blacksmith who started here as a small business in the 1947. Tor-Vegard has been running the smithy since 1989. Visitors can stand in the warm glow of the forge and watch the smith as he shapes the cormorants' long necks. Groups are also welcome.

Ski Touring in Lofoten

Welcome to the west Lofoten and a hidden treasure. The skitouring season starts in January with few ours of light, and ends in may with 24h daylight. There are endless coloirs in Flakstad and Moskenes. From steep to very steep. If you are more into classic tours with low intensity, you have come to the correct place. In between the peaks there are beatiful runs that take you from mountain to sea.

Fishing Trips with Local Fishermen

Fishing Trips is an Exciting activity suitable for both individuals and groups. 

Get an unforgettable experience with for example Aqua Lofoten Coast Adventure. They will take you to the best fishing spots and teach you everything you need to know to be a fisherman for a day. 

For more information visit: https://aqualofoten.no/en/fishing/

Winter Sea Safari to the Moskenes Maelstrom

Join us on a fantastic nature experience through one of the world’s strongest tidal currents. In a seaworthy fast going boat with all necessary safety, we take you on a safe adventure tour to the dramatic wall of Lofoten, abandoned fishing villages and the famous Maelstrom itself. After experiencing the maelstrom, we cross the current again and go to Yttersia of Lofoten before we return to Reine.

Sightseeing with The Rising Sun

Groups from 6-12 persons can enjoy a nice boat trip with Rising Sun and Captain Svein-Erik. The boat is located in Å with easy access for guests staying at Brygga restaurant or in Fisherman cabins in the area. Comfort is a key word for passengers. The Captain Svein-Erik Andersens passions for boats started at an early age when he took over a 32 feet wooden boat from his grand father. The combination of his interest and knowledge about the Western Part of Lofoten let him offer guests a complete experience including boating, nature and sightseeing.  It is also possible to use Rising Sun as an alternative way of transport from Å to Reine or The Blacksmith of Sund.

Kayaking in the winter sea of Lofoten

Get a spectacular experience Sea Kayaking in Lofoten during Winter season. Even during our "dark period" you can spend the day paddling. The constant change of weather in the Lofoten islands creates magnificent light conditions. If you are lucky you can experience Kayaiking while the Northern Lights are dancing above you.


Lofotens prestine environment and deep fjords offer the perfect surroundings for paddling a kayak. With sea eagles overhead and abundant marine life, kayaking inLofoten is a spectacular experience.

Lofoten Toy Museum

Lofoten Toy Museum is located on Sakrisøy in Moskenes. The first of its kind in Norway, the museum opened its doors in 1992. Since then, the Doll's Museum in the Lofotens has become a concept in its own right, founded as it was on the true joy of collecting, and on personal initiative. Some serious, some coquettish .. the oldest date back to 1860, the newest to 1960 ... Many of them have a tale to tell ... of both sorrow and joy.

Snorkling in the Lofoten Sea

The water in Lofoten is crystal clear, but with little ripples in the surface it is still difficult to see the details. Snorkeling is the solution to this difficulty. The suit you get is made for cold temperatures. You also get mask, snorkel and fins, and  experienced guides give you a briefing of how to use the equipment.

Hunting the Northern Lights

After a short boat ride into the Reinefjord we will go for a hike in the magical landscape. After a slight increase up to Einangen, one of the world’s most beautiful beaches appear to the north and the lights from Reine appears in the south. Experience the perfect location to catch the northern lights over the mountain peaks that surround us. If you are lucky The Northern Lights will be dancing in the sky above you.

The Glasblower in Vikten

In the middle of Lofoten, between steep mountains and facing the open sea, we find the Glasblower in Vikten . Where the Norwegian sea grinds stone into beautiful sculptures, where the midnight sun colors the landscape in warm hues . In 1976 Åsvar Tangrand started with glassblowing , as the first in Northern Norway. Today the glassblowing take place in Glasshytta, a beautiful building in the middle of the magnificent scenery.

In a harmonious coexistence with Glasshytta, you will find the Pottery Tower. It’s Åse Tangrand who here juggles with clay and creates both beautiful and practical tools. The pottery Tower leads you up to the facility’s coffee shop, through exhibited pottery articles. 

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